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Grounds For Good

Scented Coffee Grounds Weighted Eye Pillow- UPGRADED!

Scented Coffee Grounds Weighted Eye Pillow- UPGRADED!

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Filled with around 10-15 cups of locally sourced, repurposed coffee grounds scented with real lavender buds and essential oil. Coffee grounds are amazing at holding scent and you can enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of both coffee and lavender for several months or more. When the scent starts to wane - just boost it again with a few drops of essential oil (you don't have to stick with lavender).

We believe this is the first of it's kind on the market.

The inner pillow has been segmented to ensure that the filling remains evenly spread out and that it sits comfortably over the nose area. The weight afforded by the filling around your eye and frontal facial areas is deeply relaxing and calming. This is because it stimulates the Vagus Nerve.

The outer pillow case fabric is 100% cotton and has been recycled. It is a beautiful soft cotton with a stunning floral printed pattern. These are washable at a low temperature. 

Weight: approx 200gs


  • These items are handmade in Wales
  • Items will vary slightly in size and weight
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