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Grounds For Good

Grounds For Good Seed Balls in a Matchbox

Grounds For Good Seed Balls in a Matchbox

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Each cute, eco matchbox contains 8 of our unique seed balls. They are designed to be the perfect 'home' for our mix of pure, native, UK wildflower seeds. There are seeds for 20 + different bee and butterfly friendly flowers; peat free compost; clay; and our signature repurposed coffee grounds.

The balanced amount of coffee grounds give the germinating seeds extra nutrition and can help deter slugs and snails too! 

Handmade in Wales.

All the packaging is recyclable. The label glue is made from over 90% natural ingredients and PVC free.

Available for wholesale.

How to Plant:

It really couldn't be simpler to create your wildflower haven. Just scatter the balls onto bare soil (including in pots). Leave around 10-15cm between balls. Seeds will start to germinate naturally as long as they are watered. Seed balls can be scattered any time of the year but Spring or Autumn is usually best

As with all our non-alcohol products- every matchbox sold will provide a donation towards our National homelessness charities. 

We are committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the sale of our seed balls will be working towards SDG 15- Life On Land

Discover the goal that aims to preserve our ecosystems!

Over 80% of human food is supplied by plants. The loss of pollinators would, therefore, lead to an exponential loss of biodiversity, endangering our ecosystems and our diet.

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