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Grounds For Good



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Box of 10 Firelighters.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all your leftover bits of candle wax? Well, here is a very simple product which not only repurposes waste wax but also coffee grounds. Embed a dried natural pinecone; a twine wick and seasonal premium fragrances and hey presto! Imagine wafts of gingerbread, cinnamon, apple, winter berries and of course coffee!  Each box will contain a mixture of scents.

They not only look and smell wonderful but they work perfectly to get your fire going. Both beauty and function. What makes ours different from other pinecone firelighters is that we have harnessed the power of used coffee grounds. You might not know but dried grounds are combustible (not flammable) and we think that this is an innovative way to again divert grounds from going to landfill. We haven’t seen any others like these on the market.  Each firelighter contains the waste from a cup of coffee!

 Our firelighters have been made by our hands.

‘All you need is love and more coffee’


  • These are NOT candles
  • Please do not burn them outside of a fireplace/campfire/firepit
  • Please check manufacturer’s instructions for log burners
  • Follow all standard fire precautions
  • Keep out of reach of children & pets
  • Seek medical advice if consumed
  • May not be suitable for fires used for food preparation due to the added fragrance
  • Place a firelighter on a layer of kindling. Light the wick and place a few pieces of dried kindling above. Only one firelighter is generally required. The wax will be consumed by the fire.

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