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Grounds For Good

Coffee Doorstop - 15cm cubed with integral handle

Coffee Doorstop - 15cm cubed with integral handle

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Using repurposed materials, we have lovingly fashioned out a stylish doorstop which we think would look fabulous in any home setting or even a coffee shop, bar or restaurant.

Each piece is as unique as the original coffee bean sack from which it has been made and of course, it is filled with our treated waste coffee grounds, collected from local coffee shops.

Instead of using virgin fillings such as rice; sand etc. we decided to give our waste grounds a second life and yes, these cute doorstops smell slightly of coffee aroma!. Don’t worry though – the grounds are contained within an inner liner to avoid them getting wet or leaking out. This means that if you ever tire of the coffee sack look or it needs replacing, you can recover the inner with another fabric of your choice and recycle the jute sack. Giving the grounds an infinite life span. To replace the grounds themselves, just open the inner and sprinkle the grounds on your garden to give it a boost!

The great news is that each doorstop holds up to 100 cups of coffee. WOW! All of this diverted from going to landfill and contributing to global warming.

We partnered with another small Welsh indie female-owned business to make these for us. Each one is handmade. Please message me if you would specifically like a plain one with our cure felt coffee beans motif. 

As with most of our products, a proportion of our profits will go towards The Wallich, in our mission to try and end homelessness in Wales. So, by beautifying your home with GFG goods, you are helping another person to find their home.

‘Because home is where our story starts’.

Approximate weight 1.3kg (variations are possible)


Clean exterior using a damp cloth only.

Keep away from fire and water.

Outer = 100% Jute

Inner =  100% Vinylal containing filling and Jute packing 

Filling = 100% dried coffee grounds

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