Why Christmas is the Perfect Time to Talk Sustainability

Why Christmas is the Perfect Time to Talk Sustainability

As the year slowly brings itself to a close, we turn our attention to preparing for Christmas, the most commercialised holiday in the Christian calendar.

And although it may often be the busiest time of year for those who celebrate, it can also be the perfect time to slow down and reflect. It is among many things a holiday of peace, kindness, and giving thanks after all.

But in recent years it has become a time of great expense for many, with overconsumption and overspending rife, as you tick the boxes of who you need to shop for, snacks you need to buy, and party outfits you need to plan.

And for the following weeks after Christmas, British pavements are lined with black bags and recycling filled with endless packaging and wrapping paper – in fact the UK throws away 108 million rolls worth of wrapping paper each year.

108 million.

Most of which cannot be recycled.

And plastic waste is one of the many reasons why it is becoming more and more popular to want to become more sustainable as a New Year’s resolution.

But why not try being a bit more environmentally friendly before Christmas? Before the heavy spending, overconsumption, and waste kicks in?

There are many advantages to focusing on your goals prior to January – start now and you will already be in the swing of things and able to hit the ground running come the New Year. It could also save you a bit of cash over the festive period.

But how can you incorporate sustainability into Christmas, you ask?

Here are some ideas…

- Reuse giftbags and/or use biodegradable wrapping for your presents.

- Buy your veg (and anything else you can!) packaging-free

- Give gifts that the receiver will really love and use – not junk that will end up in the bin within a month or sit on a shelf collecting dust. Quality over quantity is always better.

- Visit farmer’s markets and independent sellers for your Christmas food.

- Shop from sustainable and/or local businesses for gifts and decor – do good by the planet, and support somebody’s passion at the same time.

(We do some excellent gifts here at Grounds for Good 😉)

So, this year, why not give sustainability a go over the Christmas period? You don’t have to become the most sustainability-savvy person overnight - even the littlest steps are still a step in the right direction. Whether you reuse wrapping paper or get your veg plastic-free or both, it all adds up.

In the season of peace, giving thanks, and compassion, we can all do our bit to be a bit kinder to the planet and start the New Year off on the right foot and start getting involved with sustainability.

What’s your favourite way to be sustainable during the holidays?

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